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Seila Fernández Arconada is a multidisciplinary artist-researcher based in Bristol (UK). She has been a selected artist in international exhibitions such as “Here, Now, Where?” at the Marrakech Biennial and “Xchange” at Deptford X Contemporary Arts Festival. Her ongoing projects include art-research collaborations with science and arts exploring collaborative creative methods. She is also co-organiser of Mixing Fields, an interdisciplinary collaborative platform with art and non-art specialists. She has been granted to be part of Transnational Dialogues (China) by European Alternatives, and with the Artists’ International Fund of the British Council and Arts Council England. She is currently collaborating in different projects focusing on environment, such as Some:When, a collaborative socially engaged project with the artist Jethro Brice in which the artists work with the community in Somerset Levels and Moors in order to build a traditional boat from the Somerset Levels called Flatner. 


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Professor Thorsten Wagener is the chair of water and environmental engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol. He is an expert in hydrologic modelling and in the development and use of systems approaches in environmental modelling. In the last ten years he has published over 70 papers on water-related research including studies about how to estimate uncertainty in natural hazard models and how to better understand climate change impacts on water resources. He is currently leading the NERC-funded £2M CREDIBLE project focused on developing new approaches to estimate uncertainty and risk in natural hazards. He is a regular invited speaker and convener at international conferences, and has received a range of awards for his research contributions.



Barnaby Dobson is a PhD student in the EPSRC-funded ‘Water Informatics: Science and Engineering’ Center for Doctoral Training (WISE CDT) at the Universities of Bristol. WISE is a collaboration of the Universities of Exeter, Bristol, Cardiff and Bath. He graduated from University of Bristol in Civil Engineering with a first class degree and was awarded the Institute of Civil Engineer student prize in his final year. He is interested in uncertainty and decision making in hydrologic modelling.