Artists, the first meeting in Somerset

The artists for this project were carefully curated to match each of the groups working about the Somerset Levels and Moors. Being both professional artists and Somerset community members, artists were invited to get together in Taunton in early December.

Jon England, Deborah Westmancoat, Simon Ledson and Andrea Oke, together with Seila Fernández Arconada will be working together with each of the groups. Very briefly, I explain their connections with the theme of flooding as well as their particular selected periods of time.

Jon England is allocated with the “Overview of the long term flood history of the Somerset Levels and Moors” for his interest into history and the importance of archives in his process, how they inform concepts and materiality of his works with special look at Somerset history. For more information about his practice click here.

Deborah Westmancoat will be working with “Recent flooding in Somerset Levels and Moors (2013-14) as her practice looks specifically at site-specific waters, often flood, which she uses as material in her last body of work. For more information about her practice click here.

Simon Ledson will be working with “Historical flooding in Somerset (last 100 years). Ledson has worked with representations of data in which his interest in water is an important part of his body of work in the last years, including representations of Somerset flooding. For more information about Simon Ledson’s practice click here.

Andrea Oke is in the group ” Societal response to flooding in Somerset”, her last project “Levels” had an interest into how people were affected by the flooding in Somerset, looking at storytelling Oke transformed those local memories into sounds and drawings. For more information about her practice click here.

Seila Fernández Arconada will work with “The future of the flooding in Somerset Levels and Moors”. Her current practice, including this project, looks at water with a particular perspective into the uncertain future caused by climate change. For more information about her practice click here.


jon england

Wing Commander R.C. Hancock, (2006) by Jon England.


Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 13.39.38

Surface 3 (2013) by Deborah Wesmancoat.


simon ledson

Spirit of the Levels, (2014) by Simon Ledson.


andrea oke

Levels (2014) by Andrea Oke.


seila fernandez china

Unconscious Power, the act of collective creativity (2014) by Seila Fernández Arconada



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